Paramount Publishing

We support all ages of indie authors. 100% royalties. 100% transparency.

At Paramount Publishing we specialize in bringing new writers’ best work forward for publication. Conveniently located by metro in Montreal, Quebec, Paramount Publishing’s professional staff has years of experience helping writers fulfill their goals. Our qualified editors and illustrators can help identify the strengths of your efforts as well as the areas that require further development. Working collaboratively alongside our editors, prospective writers can expect deep exploration of key literary devices, thorough examination of composition and structure, as well as friendly, constructive input that allows writers to fully actualize their best work.

Paramount Publishing offers a wide range of services – from simple copy editing and proofreading to professional illustration and graphic design to collaborative conceptualizing and actualization of high-quality book creation. We also offer High-Quality Book GhostWritten. Whatever your aims, if there is any stage of publishing to which you require assistance, Paramount Publishing is available to serve your needs!